 Are more likely to graduate from high school?
 Have higher standardized test scores?
 Are less likely to repeat a grade?
 Are less likely to need special education services?
 Perform better academically and socially?
 Will have higher wages as adults?
 Are less likely to be arrested for a violent crime?
 Are less likely to be a teen parent?
 Are more likely to attend college?

Nourishing a child’s mind in the first five years of life is as essential as feeding the body. New scientific research confirms that what happens to children’s brains in their earliest years shapes the adults they become, the success they achieve, and the contributions they make to our economy and society.

A quality early childhood experience can be life changing. Choosing quality for your child is important.

Remember, your choices shape their chances!

That's why the experiences in these early years must be of the highest quality--to help children get the most and best out of this period of rapid brain growth.

  •  Children who attend high quality early childhood programs:

  •  85% of brain development occurs ​by age 3

Quality Choices for Early Childhood Education and Child Care in Union Parish